Playing with Isadora

Finally, after many years - sitting down and trying to get my head around Isadora by Troikatronix. What drew me back to the software was the addition of projection mapping tool called IzzyMap and the slightly updated node based interface.

Here is a test I put together using the trial version of Isadora - I had to make Kaleidoscopes, just had to. I'm checking out the midi input to trigger video clip switching, and a midi controller to play with values, the rest is audio reactive - pulling sound input from Youtube, using Stereo Mix switched on the sound card ( so no need to use a virtual audio cable ).

Isadora Patch
Video playback would benefit from using an SSD in my laptop, Isadora claims I can support 8 HD files at once with that Configuration. FreeframeGL gives me access to bringing in material with Spout - the windows equivalent of Syphon. Hopefully this will allow me to bring in Processing Sketches, and in the longrun - Unity based screen content.

Next, to try out Projection Mapping.