Playing with Autodesk Pinocchio

Autodesk Pinocchio is a free technology preview from Autodesk Labs. Through your web-browser you can create a Maya or FBX 3D Character - with a range of clothing and skin textures, as well as it being rigged and weight painted ready to animate. You can control the complexity of the rigging - which includes Facial Rigs. A quick test to take a model across to Unity - showed no complications, and literally took minutes to get something ready for a game asset. For animating, you may want to create controllers. Using with Motioncapture should be a doddle, just double check the way the bones are named. Overall has a bit of a vibe of Second Life, but this should be a great tool for OpenWorlds like ReactionGrids' Jibe - which uses Unity, as well as Machinima. Certainly going to be making a few characters...

The Demo is available till Sept 2013