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Mirror Darkly - an Interactive kinetic type project

The above video is mediation of a project called Mirror Darkly, that was created for Light Night, in Leeds - which was shown at Leeds College of Art. This project brought together investigations with the Microsoft Kinect and Processing, in creating a Poem that could be walked through. Using the kinect processing library created by Daniel Shiffman,  , the point cloud depth data was assigned words from the final stanza of a poem called 'The Other Side of the Mirror' by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge.
"Shade of a shadow in the glass,      O set the crystal surface free! Pass – as the fairer visions pass –      Nor ever more return, to be The ghost of a distracted hour,      That heard me whisper, "I am she!"
A slight randomisation of size and offset at each point of detection, allowed the image to have a bit of lively dance, as well as randomly shifting between level of detail of the scan, which would occasionally allow a sense of the form to be…