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YA DEVI - Developing Unity based Visuals further

In May I was able to take further some exploration with using Unity to create visuals for a stage show. Ya Devi was a performance by Devika Rao Theatre, funded by the Arts Council and presented at the Stage, Leeds University - and it was an opportunity to create an improvised version of a previous unity prototype, into a visual for the show.

Behind the scenes video

 Visual for show - ( not music used in performance )
The visual was a response to a music piece and choreography around 'Pain'. The abstact quality of the cloth at times - when dropping its weight vertically created a siloutte of a shawl.
From this pre-recorded visual, the dancer - Manuela Benini was able to choreograph her movement in response. This interactive cloth based visual, is ready to be driven by either wearable technology or VJed - and run in a live capacity.. but that brings its own technical challenges and risks during a live show. Part of my research for 2015/16 is to explore this in depth.