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Leeds Creative Timebank - Yorkshire Life Aquatic

Over the last year, I've been a member of Leeds Creative Timebank.
Leeds Creative Time Bank facilitates and strengthens the informal economy between creative professionals. We exchange skills and knowledge by using time as a currency. One hour of your skill equates to one hour of another members. Through it, I've networked and found a renewed sense of 'worthwhileness' in the Community and Arts. A particular group I've had a close association with through the Timebank - is Yorkshire Life Aquatic - who requested me, in helping document and shape some promotional video for their activities.

Bramley Mermaids Club - operates out of the awesome Bramley Baths, a community led, not for profit center for fitness and fun. This was a fun timebank request - as it was my first chance to play with a Go-Pro camera Underwater.

Mermaids - is a montage video of Yorkshire Life Aquatics - touring show.  Collecting footage from several festivals across the region. 
Through the Timebank …