Exploring Kinect and Isadora

Further exploration of investigating Isadora for incorporating into visual projects, I and Devika Rao experimented at The Stage, Leeds University with the trial version. Most of this was to test the robustness of the technology, and trying out the Kinect/Isadora Tutorial - http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/kinect-tutorial-part1/

It was fun to explore the software with some one unfamilar with the technology, so seeing the playful interaction and discovery through someone else is encouraging. Particularly mirroring effects, which was good for Devika to interact with live. Certain things flagged up quickly - skirts and dresses effect the quality of the kinect tracking - which might be an issue for costumes for Indian Classical Dance work. Also the area of the kinect's sensor pick up - reduces the space for dancing in.
For quickly prototyping and discussing ideas for future visuals, it is obvious that Isadora can be an excellent addition - previously - I would have to shoot footage - to edit in After effects, so there's an element of distance and trust between the dancer and the video artist - here we get live feedback and playfulness, even if sketching ideas.