Exploring AR with Vuforia and Unity

Playing catchup on fundamental skills in Augmented Reality. This test was done using the vuforia plugin for Unity - to export as an Android App. Using tutorials from here as a starting point - https://developer.vuforia.com/downloads/samples , it was quick to get up and running..  ( More time was spent trying to get the Nexus 7 to play ball with Windows 10, grrr! ) The tracking target was a postcard, which you need to upload an image of to the Vuforia database to create tracking information. Vuforia is free, if you are happy for watermarking on the app. You also have to create an app license that you copy and paste into the Unity project to register it.
Having a dabble also gave an opportunity to utilise Mixamo to generate a 3D animated character to test with. Mixamo has now been added to the Adobe Cloud services - so there's pre-made animations for Adobe Fuse Characters - that can be exported as .fbx.
As a conceptual idea - I added particle trails to the dancer - this is for a future plan to explore when I work with dancers on other project ideas.