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Serious Game for Geological Field Skills.

Over the last two years ( here and there ) , I have been involved in developing a serious game prototype for the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds. This has entailed in producing an explorable virtual environment created with Unity, as part of a blended learning exercise to teach field work skills for Geology Students. It also informed my Research activity at Leeds College of Art.

This slideshare below - covers the background and scope of the project - and was used as part of our presentation at GeoSoc HEN Annual Meeting - Plymouth University - 21st/22nd January 2015 -

Geological Mapping Training in Virtual Environment from Annabeth Robinson
The latest version can be found here -  - please make sure you are using a computer, rather than a tablet device, and you download the unity plugin to allow you to play.
It is currently being used by students at Uni…